First off, let me apologizing for missing a few days.

Its one week to Pentecost Sunday, and are you ready? God is going to move us into a ‘promised land’ and are you ready to move into what He has promised you?

The people of Israel after their exodus from Egypt and over 400 years of captivity and slavery crossed the Jordan river, heading to the promised land. The land that God had promised them as being theirs. The story continues that Moses sends 12 spies in, one from each tribe of Israel. They return with reports of a land flowing with milk and honey. Grapes so big that it takes two men to carry them back. But the majority couldn’t get passed that the land was also filled with GIANTS.

That leads me to the next challenging question for you – today do you see the Giants or do you see the blessings?

Because the majority of the spies were seeing the Giants over the blessings, those fears spread among the people, resulting in these peoples having to wander the dessert for 40 years.

Some statements or excuses that some of us have said that is keeping us in the ‘wilderness’ are:
– that will not work. When we start moving in to the promised land, we sit back and drag our feet and announce, ‘that will not work’. Defeated before we even start.
– we tried that before and it didn’t work. Spend our lives in a rut because we have spent so much time doing the same thing over and over because we are convinced that it didn’t work before so don’t veer off the track.
– I like our church the way it is now. No room for advancement. Afraid of change. A place where ‘stagnation’ can set in.
– we don’t have the money. Often times our lack of faith in God and His provision keeps us from advancing as well. When we trust in our own resources instead of God is a scary place to be.

We need to stop focusing in on the giants! When we see the giants we have feelings of unbelief. We don’t believe that God can give us the land that He has PROMISED to us, despite the GIANTS. We also have a feeling of ignorance. We don’t weigh all the facts. Facts that God has PROMISED us this land. And then a feeling of apathy. A lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. Ouch….lukewarmness. God will spit us out of His mouth.

I don’t want us to be in the place of being comfortable in failure then uncomfortable in victory.

We need to make a conscious decision to go in a possess the promised land. Yes there are giants, yes the city has been fortified and yes they are everywhere. But God has PROMISED us the land.

Do you get the idea yet……GOD HAS PROMISED LAND TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What promised land has God promised you that you have not claimed yet?

Are you one of the 2 that saw Gods blessings or the 10 that saw the obstacles?

Get yourself ready, cause we are moving into the promised land.

  1. May 21, 2015

    I am cashing in checks of Gods promises. Today I went to Royal Jubilee Hospital for yet another test for this cough that I have had for many years but getting worse. I placed myself in GOD’S hands. ( I have not coughed in more than 12 hours.) I have even eaten toast with butter. No cough. Thank you JESUS. What more could we want. GOD is in control of everything that touches our lives. We must Praise Him, or the rocks will cry out .Come Lord Jesus, come.

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