Read Joshua 1:1-15; I Cor. 16:13-14

Our story of our Israelite people continues. After the 40 years in the wilderness, Moses their leader, the one who was used by God in many miracles, such as parting the Red Sea, getting water from a rock, changing a rod into a serpent, talking to God through a burning bush and getting the ten commandments has just died. Now the Israelites, are having the biggest pity party. Not much more is expected from a group of people who have done nothing but complain about their lives and always wanting to go back to their lives of slavery in Egypt. Can you image having to become the new leader with all of this to consider?

This is where Joshua comes back into the picture. He was one of the spies, 40 years earlier that said the promise land was filled with blessing and that they could take over that land. Now he is going to see the Israelites conquer that land.

He knows the only way he is going to do this is with God. And numerous times God reminds him to be strong and courageous.

Strong – able to withstand great force or pressure
Courageous – not deterred by danger or pain; brave

My question for you today is what do you do when your back is up against the wall?

Tips on how to be strong and courageous:
– stand on God’s promises
– sense God’s presence
– stay the path (no compromise)
– start the process

There are many, many, many stories of families, schools, towns and cities, nations that have been conquered for God because of one person taking up the leadership and their sacrificial living for Christ. Sometimes it takes JUST ONE to be strong and courageous. And realizing that our strength and courage comes from God because He is always with us, leading and guiding us to be the catalyst to save those around us and taking the land that has been promised to us.

  1. May 21, 2015

    GOD has given to me a new love and expectation of HIS love and promises. HE will never leave us. Where we go HE will go.Our families are in HIS care. We shall never go hungry.HE has in His hands everything that we need, and He wants to give to us His out pouring of blessings. BUT we have to be willing to receive.There is so much more than just the everyday living. Thank you JESUS for your gift of LOVE.

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