Through prayer, a loving God, and a miracle, a debt that was not rightfully mine, yet I would have been required to pay was lowered from $325,000 to $35,000. Praise God!!

Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Often times when I am feeling “blue” I start counting Gods blessings. And before long, I start rejoicing for all God has given and done for me. And then I’m not so “blue”. So go ahead, try it.

When those we love are going through difficult times, like dealing with sickness, financial struggle, suicidal thoughts, etc and ask us to pray for them we might struggle. When my mom was going through a tough time and she was being tested for cancer. It felt like our world was spinning faster than what we…

Praise the Lord for His use of other believers to ignite the faith in my life to claim His healing. A few years ago I had skin cancer on the bottom of my foot, which I did have to go through plastic surgery and had to have the bottom of my foot skin graphed. To…

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