Let’s Play Ball…..

We started our session with a bat and ball and tried to hit the ball. Much to my surprise, 8/10 made contact and hit the ball. Some were a little leery due to lack of success at baseball in the past, but hit the ball clear out of the room. The object of everyone trying to hit a baseball was to show that when we first started playing ball, when we were children, I’m sure not all of us hit the ball at the first swing. It took practice.

Like WITNESSING – it takes practice. We don’t generally, hit a homerun!

Answer these questions:

1.  Write down a time when you felt like you “bombed” (failed) at being a witness.

2.  Write down a time when you felt like you “succeeded” at being a witness.

3.  Write down to describe what kind of “witness” you would like to be.

Of course we discussed that you could never really FAIL at witnessing, because GOD can take what we feel as failures and make them so much more. The only way you can fail, is by not even trying.

We went on to say that even though we feel we have SUCCESS at witnessing, it is not our success. You can’t save anybody, GOD does.

NOW, What would you like to learn from these sessions? PLEASE SHARE THIS IN THE COMMENT BOX BELOW.


1.What did Jesus command you do to in Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19-20?

2.Read Acts 20:24-27, 31-32. How important would you say Paul’s ministry of witnessing was to him and why?

3.Read II Corinthians 5:14-15. What caused Paul to witness? What attitude should we have about what Jesus has done for us and how should that change our lives?

4.What does Jesus Christ say about the one who is ashamed of Him? (Luke 9:26) How should this affect your witness?

5.If you are faithful to follow Jesus, what did He promise to do? (Matthew 4:19) How has he helped you do this?

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