YouthIs Jesus a man…God…Or Son of God?
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Jesus is described in the Bible as God (John 20:28), the Son of God (Matthew 14:33) and a man (Acts 2:22). The Bible holds all three to be true at the same time.

Christians ultimately treat the Bible as our authority and let it tell us about God rather than try to work it out ourselves.

First a clarification about the term Son of God. To claim to be the Son of God is to claim to be God. Jesus’ claim is not just that God and Mary had a baby with some godness and some humanity, but rather that he is equal with God even if distinct. For an analogy, my children are human because my wife and I are human. Jesus then is God because his source is in God.

In this framework we are forced to acknowledge that Jesus the Son could die for us on the cross having been made in the image of a man. This is explicitly spelled out in Philippians 2:5-11 where Jesus is declared to be in very nature God, yet made in human likeness.

The point of all this is that God became human in order to bring humanity back into relationship with him. Hence Jesus became a “God-man”, fully God and fully man in order to take the punishment that we deserve for ignoring and rebelling against God. God rightly demands our punishment but then lovingly takes it for us, for as many of us that declare Jesus to be both our Lord and our God (John 3:36).

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