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Can you believe that summer is coming to an end? I sure can’t! It was such a great summer full of new challenges and new adventures. For some who had to “Adult” this summer and work their butts off, September is an exciting time. It’s finally back to the normal routine of life without all the extra craziness of summer. For many of you lucky ducks however, summer is a time of rest and relaxation spent out of town on the long awaited vacation or simply at the local beach eating freezies until The Joker is jealous of your amazing smile scars.
But here we go into a “new year” and the simple craziness of summer is coming to an end. As it does so I’ve found myself asking, “God? What do you want of me this new year? What changes should I make?”. Ever taken part in track and field? I remember going to the Apple Bowl Track and Field day and standing on my designated line waiting to hear someone to yell GO! As soon as they yelled “GO!” I didn’t tie my shoe or take a drink of water. Prep time was over and it was time to go full throttle into a race to the finish line. What I heard as an answer to my questions of change and of what God wanted from me going into this “new year” was the call to go full throttle into September to run the race God signed me up for. He’s equipped and trained me and motivated me through all the prep time as my trainer but now that we’re at the starting line He yells “GO!!”
Check out Numbers 9:23.

“At the command of the LORD they camped, and at the command of the LORD they set out…”

Israel, a nation called to follow God, has been in training build and maintain this dwelling place for God called the tabernacle. This living space was meant for God and his glory. As soon as the tabernacle was set up, a cloud covered the tabernacle and at night it took the appearance of fire. Pretty cool right? Well as long as the cloud remained over the tent the people of Israel stayed and continued to maintain the tabernacle and rest in the presence of this awesome God. As soon as the cloud moved though, the nation of Israel was up and running to where the cloud stayed. They needed to have the presence of God at the centre of their camp so as soon as the command of God came to stay, they stayed until a new command was given. As soon as the command to set out was given, they were up and running.
So here we stand at the end of this summer of rest and relaxation filled with a good share of craziness and I find the command to set out has come. This DOES NOT mean I’m headed out of town and quitting my jobs. It means that I’m going into this “new year” On My Mark… Getting Set… in order to GO.
No holding back in youth ministry and stepping out in faith that God has trained me to step up my game. Time to run after God full force and live life with the glory of God at the centre of who we are.