In the experience of millions of Christians, and church history, we are instructed to develop certain habits help us grow in faith. This helps us enjoy Christianity more and help us become more helpful to others. Below you will find Christ centered resources, articles, testimonies, daily devotions and bible research tools to help you grow and mature.

Daily Devotions

“Moab settled on his lees, he hath not been emptied from vessel to vessel.” Give a man wealth; let his ships bring home continually rich freights; let the winds and waves appear to be his servants to bear his vessels across the bosom of the mighty deep


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Business Directory

Welcome to our Business Directory for Chemainus Pentecostal.Chemainus PentecostalChurch does not warrant or endorse any of the services, products and/or employees of the businesses.Please use your own judgment in evaluating

Bible Study Tools


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