Read Ruth 2

We find in this chapter that Naomi and Ruth are desperate. Desperate enough for Ruth to head out and glean from the fields. Todays equivalence of pan handling. And not safe, especially for someone who is a widow. No protection, or safety net.

Ruth sets out and just happens to find herself in Boaz field. And Boaz just happens to be there. And just happens to see her and notice her. And he then inquires about her, to be told about her commitment to her mother in law. And as we find out a little later on, Boaz just happens to be related to Naomi. All circumstantial? I think not. God had totally orchestrated these events. Just like He has our lives planned out if we just trust in Him and follow His path for us.

Boaz makes sure Ruth is taken care of. He instructs his workers to leave some of the crop behind for her to pick up. He invited her to have lunch with them. And he instructs his men to leave her alone. And reassures Ruth that she will continue to get these favors if she continues to glean in only his fields.

Ruth questions Boaz’ favor for her, a foreigner, a widow and undeserving. But Ruth does not take advantage of this, she works along side the other women of the field. She works long hours and reaps plenty to care for herself and Naomi.

When Ruth returns to Naomi, she is questioned how she was able to glean so much? Ruth tells her about her day and the one she has met. Naomi is finally given the first glimmer of hope, that she hasn’t had for a long, long time. She is realizing that her God still loves her and is going to take care of them.

So what can we learn from this? God will reward our commitments. Our commitment to Him and our commitment to others around us.

And that we have to be faithful to do what He has called us to do. Even if we think no one is watching. But remember people are always watching how we live our lives for Him. So remember that when you want to have a negative reaction to something that has just upset you.

Our commitments and reactions will have a ripple affect on those around us.

Like Ruth, keep up the good work!

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