Read Hebrews 11:32 – 12:2

One day last week, our daughter had to save someone’s life. She was at a restaurant having dinner when she heard a commotion at the table next to her. She realized that this man was choking and no one seemed to be helping him. So she jumped into action. (I thank the Lord that He had already prepared her for this moment, because a few years ago, her and I had taken a first aid course and they taught us what to do when these moments in life arise.) She administered the j-thrust or better known as the ‘heimlich’ maneuver. Resulting in saving this mans life.

More importantly in life we need to be aware of those around us that a spiritually choking and dying. We need to be their hero. We need to be Christ made real to them.

2 Timothy 1:6, for this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

How do we invest in someone’s life? We TRUST God. We believe in His word, do His will and devote to His work.

Suggestions: (Caution – don’t ask someone what they need unless you are willing to be a part of the solution)
– say something and mean it
– ask questions and listen for the answers
– care about what people are and what is going on in their lives
– spend time with someone today
– read to them
– take them to the store or doctors apt
– enjoy just spending time with them
– be extra nice to someone
– cheer up someone who is depressed
– bear one another’s burdens

Be larger than life in someone else’s life!

And remember to always do everything in prayer and not self focused and continue to put your TRUST in God!


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