READ Luke 19:1-10
“Zacchaeus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree….” If you grew up in Sunday School, I’m sure you must of sang this song. I know we did here at Chemainus Pentecostal and sometimes still do.

So the story of Zacchaeus, is that of a Roman tax collector that was not liked at all by those he worked for or collected from. In order for Zacchaeus to receive a wage, he had to add a percentage on top of the taxes he collected from the people, and always had to bid for the jobs. By the level of distrust among the people in the story, he must have been good at his job.

Zacchaeus was also not a very tall man. Which I’m sure that often he felt he had to prove himself because of it. So here we have probably a little man with big attitude and arrogance.

But……he heard a crowd, and really wanted to check it out. And that crowd was gathering because Jesus was on the road travelling through Jericho and they wanted to see and hear what He had to say and do. Because of Zacchaeus not being tall enough to see and he was determined to see what this ‘man’ was all about, he ran ahead of the crowd and climbed a tree.

Do you see your life like Zacchaeus’ sometimes? Do you long for a change? Does it seem impossible?

Well then ‘climb a tree’!

Change your perspective on your life. Find a place where you know you can see Jesus.

The story of Zacchaeus doesn’t end there. Jesus sees him and calls him because, Jesus too wants to see him, spend time with him, and bring him into ‘relationship’ with Himself. And I know that Jesus wants to have that same relationship with you. And a day to day, month to month, year to year, a lifetime relationship with YOU!

Your interaction with Jesus will have a ripple effect on others around you, just like Zacchaeus interaction with Jesus did. Even though people talked and pointed fingers at Jesus interacting with Zacchaeus and said how could he fellowship with him, he is a sinner. Jesus still loved him enough not to worry what others said about him.

The ripple effect that Zacchaeus life had on those around him – they too were blessed by his life change. Zacchaeus gave of himself by paying back those he had wronged. They witnessed a change that takes place when Jesus steps into your home (life).

That is my challenge for you today. Be BOLD, accept the need for change in your life. CLIMB A TREE and see Jesus so that you and others will be blessed by your interaction with Jesus.

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