This week’s theme began with focus on death and resurrection; death to man’s spirit unto new life resurrection in/with God’s Spirit.

Our need is to let go of the past that we may move forward into a new future. But the past is intrinsically linked to the future; our need therefore is not to simply envision the future, but to engage in a continuous transformation of the present with our relationship with Spirit of God and with those around us.

Jesus told us to wait for the promise of the Father which is the promised presence of God in the Holy Spirit. If we would catch the vision associated with waiting upon the anointed word of power and knowledge in all of life’s situations instead of running with our own thoughts and motivations, what opportunities we would offer God! God wants to pour out to us His wisdom and power!

Acknowledging Jesus, “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith”; our possibilities in faith begin in Jesus.
Thankfully, the Spirit, like Jesus demonstrated in working with His followers, will work with us. But we, like the followers of Jesus, need to follow God’s Spirit as if we were in the very presence of Jesus/God Himself. The children of Israel in their wilderness journeying were also told not to move forward until they saw the Spirit move.

The Spirit is ours for the asking. The Spirit is ours by obedience to the word spoken by Jesus.

“The word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, fear not Abram, I am thy shield and thy great reward” Genesis 15:1.
John’s gospel tells us that the Word of the Lord is Jesus, “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us …” John 1:14. Did Abram see Jesus? Did he catch a vision of Jesus? Is Jesus Abram’s shield, protection, covering, and defense? Is Jesus his great reward; his posterity, his promise and future hope?

We can have the righteousness and faith of Abraham if we as Abram, catch the vision of Jesus.

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