We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

How many of us truly believe what God is telling us in this passage of scripture? God knows every second of our lives and cares for YOU! He loves YOU!
We are just in the celebration of Easter, where God sent His Son, Jesus to die for YOU, so that you didn’t have to pay the penalty for your sins. That’s how much God loves YOU!
For the first week of our journey together, we are going to examine ourselves and see us as God sees us – PERFECT!

God is a craftsman that has spent time on His masterpiece, which is YOU. And He cares for you. YOU MATTER!!!!!
There is no where that you can go to hide from God, even though we might try. You might keep yourself soooo busy, that you try to hide from His presence. But He is faithful in reminding us to “get away” with Him, so that He can remind us of how precious we are.

So, do you think of yourself as God does? Why or why not?

PRAYER- God help us to realize that with You and in You – I am perfect! I am Your masterpiece. And today I pray that people around me will recognize You in me.

ACTION- Go to a mirror and say to yourself
“God loves ME and in Him I AM PERFECT!

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