First, what is a Pastor? Jesus teaches us that he is to be a shepherd, a man who looks after his sheep at any cost. He nourishes, protects, looks for them when they are lost, sacrifices, knows his sheep, helps with their healing, he is loving, leading and uniting. These are just a few examples of our pastors here at Chemainus Pentecostal Church. Our pastoral team consists of three men and their wives. They work together to reach one goal and vision. They are passionate in what they do and keep things relevant to the diverse congregation that they serve.

Here’s a brief snapshot of each our pastor:

Our Pastors

Pastor Boyd was born and raised in Newfoundland. At a young age he felt the call of God upon his life which brought him to Read More
Pastor Paul and Hanna are missionaries from Korea. They both felt God call them to the First Nations of Canada. So they left their careers in Korea Read More
Newly married, this couple is excited in starting their lives and ministry together. They have a real love for the Youth of Chemainus Read More

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