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Website Admin Staff asked 9 years ago

The bible tells us in Colossians 3:17 that whatever we do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

This means that no matter how small and unimportant the task may seem, do them as if they were great. So I work a second job to bring in money to support my watermelon addiction and there are some days that I just don’t feel like going above and beyond when it comes to talking to people. Do you ever feel drained? I do too! Saying hi seems pointless some days, but we never know what a small word or a tiny action will do to affect someone. If how we live is supposed to be in the name of Jesus then why do we so often do half jobs? Do every SMALL thing as if it were GREAT.

The other side of this is that no matter how great the task is before us, we can treat it as small and easy because we know we don’t do it alone. Did you know that Jesus is with you every step of the way? I get to run a youth program at a camp this summer which I’m stoked for, but at the same time I’m terrified. Will the youth listen to what I say? Will I know what to do with youth outside of a church? Will they think I smell funny? (Just checking if you’re paying attention). I don’t need to bother worrying about this since Jesus has it all taken care of! Since the beginning of time He knew me and what I am capable of. He knew that I couldn’t do it alone so He made a way through Jesus to give me access to Him. He is more all powerful than The Genie in Aladdin. He sticks with us so that when GREAT things are before us, we can treat them as SMALL because our God is bigger.

No matter what we do, BIG or SMALL, it’s all for the One. It’s all for Jesus.