Read Ruth 3
Well it has been a few weeks that Ruth has been working hard on her commitment to Naomi.
Naomi develops a plan so that Ruth will be taken care of. In this era of time it was customary for a parent to arrange a marriage for their child. So Naomi instruct Ruth on what to do so that she would be taken care of. Marriage, shelter, food, clothes and of course children.
Ruth is committed and follows Naomi’s plan. She tells Ruth to bathe, put on perfume and her best dress. And then head to where Boaz has been working all day and now celebrating on the threshing floor. He will have eaten and drank, so keep an eye on where he lies down, so that you (Ruth) can go a lay at his feet and cover yourself with his cloak. And when he wakes he will tell you what to do next.
As planned, Boaz does wake and what he tells her is not what Naomi had expected. He tells her that someone else is closer in relation and that they cannot marry until she is free from that commitment, which he would take care of tomorrow. And he told her to stay the night at his feet so that she did not head out in the dark where she could be taken advantage of.
Early the next morning, they rise and Boaz gives Ruth barley and sends her off. This way they wont become the ‘talk of the town’. They did and wanted to keep their reputation clean. Because they were both noble people.
Ruth arrives home and expectant Naomi asks her what happened? And to tell her everything.
This chapter concludes with the two ladies sitting and waiting on how the rest of the day is going to play out.
From this chapter we see how sometimes we try to force the hand of God. Try to work things out our own way. But ultimately of course, God knows what is best. We need to be committed to Him and trust and sometimes wait for His plan to unfold.

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