Read Ruth 4

“Joy comes in the morning!”

I’m sure to Naomi and Ruth that this waiting seemed like an eternity. Their whole future was waiting on this decision being made on their behalf.

Boaz keeps his word and heads out to find the other, closer relative to Naomi. When he is found they go before 10 elders in the city. It is here, in front of these witnesses, that Boaz tells this man that there is a relative that is selling land and that this man has first rights, according to the law. So Boaz is giving him first dibbs, and informs the man that he is next in line and if he doesn’t want it, then Boaz himself will purchase it.

This man agrees to buy the property. Then Boaz explains to him that with the commitment of buying the property, so comes Ruth, and that they have to have a child for the dead husband. Well, this was too much commitment for this man, so he removes his sandal and gives it to Boaz. This symbolizes that he doesn’t want to property and responsibility, so he hands it over to Boaz.

At this point Boaz announces to the 10 elders in the city that he is willing to step up. He will purchase the property, marry Ruth to take care of her and Naomi, and have a child.
Don’t you ‘love it when a plan comes together’.
This was God’s perfect plan for this woman that committed to do what was right in His eyes. She did everything right and noble and now God was honoring her with allowing her to marry the man who she fell in love with. Her kinsman redeemer!

The times comes and Boaz and Ruth marry and they do have a son. Ruth then gives her son to Naomi and the ladies of the city name him Obed.

The chapter and the book of Ruth ends with the lineage of this baby which leads to King David. Talk about a great legacy and history this baby had.

Are there times in your life that God has turned your bitterness into joy? Take this opportunity to share it with someone, or here on our website either under the comments at the bottom of this page or in the testimony page.

Would love to hear about God’s faithfulness in your life and how His plans have unfolded in your lives.

And today praise Him, because Joy does come in the morning!

  1. May 15, 2015

    Spring 1973.. my heart was broken. The love of my life( my husband of almost 11 years had just walked out of our home., left me with 5 small children. I did not want to live, nor leave my children to such a world. I cried out to GOD and said GOD if you are real I need you now. HIS presence was so real. He lifted my spirit and gave me hope. At this time HE established me in Mattaniah Indian Mission.When my husband came back and asked if he could come home, we were already established in church. Praise the Lord. It was worth every tear that I cried. GOD has so blessed our lives. He is not serving God at this time but has no problem with me going anymore.And GOD has given me the vision of his return to GOD.And I trust GOD.

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