Week five and the area we are focusing on is TRUST in God.

Trust is such a big thing in our lives today. Who do we trust, or what do we put our trust in? DO we trust in our spouses, more than God? Do we trust in our jobs and what it provides over what God can provide for us? I’m not saying quite your job and fully trust in God, (of course if God is asking you to do that, then you need to TRUST Him and quit); just realize that God provides that job for you and trust Him for it. Evaluate, how often do we trust in other things OVER God?

You might remember when you were a little child and your parents used to have you jump into their arms off of a step or ledge. You might have even done that to your own children. TRUST, building and developing TRUST in life through a simple game. Blind trust. It is something we should have in our lives today where God is concerned.

How do we trust like that, you might ask?! Well you cannot trust someone you don’t know. Get to a place where YOU know God to where YOU can fully put your CONFIDENCE in Him. Through prayer and time spent with HIM is the only way you get to know God.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says,
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Do we trust God enough to have Him direct your path? Your each and every day path.
Do you trust God enough to do what He may be asking of YOU?

I read a story of a lady that was so trusting in God that when He asked her to do something so RADICAL that particular day, she did it. No matter what the cost to her, and the results – she was instrumental in saving someone’s life.
The story goes something like this: Every morning during her devotions she prayed God would use her any way He wanted to. So as she entered her car this day, she said ‘ok God, where are we going today?’ He prompted her to drive down the freeway and after a few exists and turns, she finds herself parking in a 7-11 type store. Then God continues to direct her into the store and God then asks her to go in front of the cashier and stand on her head. She of course argues with God for a few minutes, in fear they would lock her up for loosing her mind. But she decides to go for it. She wanders over and like God had asked. she stands on her head in front of the cashier. And at that time he bursts into tears. She stands right side up and asks what is wrong. Through his brokenness he asks her why on earth she did this. She precedes to tell Him that God had directed her here and told her to do that. He explains to her that he was going to give up on life and that day had asked God to prove Himself, and if God was real, that someone would come into the store and stand on their head. Something that was a definite ‘sign’ that God was real and loved Him.

Every time I am reminded of that story, I get such a burning hunger in my soul. I want to be used by God like that. I want to ‘get over myself’ and be able to TRUST Him to a place that no matter what the cost, I will do what He is asking ME to do. Also to have such a close relationship with Him that I would be able to define what God is asking of me.

So today, I am asking YOU to be radical for Him. Trust in God!

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